Courtyard HIIT Class with Lucie Morgan

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Courtyard HIIT Class with Lucie Morgan

Date: Every Wednesday (weather dependent)
Location: The Courtyard, Bermonds Locke

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We put an end to the home stretch - Lucie Morgan will bring your BPMs up with her HIIT classes in our open-air courtyard.

Looking for a fun, high energy HIIT class in a unique location? You are in the right place. Just be prepared to be challenged by Lucie Morgan when she is pushing you to your limits.  

HIIT training involves intense, max-effort movements followed by short rest. This is a proven way to improve both overall cardiovascular health and athletic performance. You will burn calories rapidly, and the burn continues long after the typically short workout is finished.

Each session will be programmed differently so you will be in for a treat each week.  

About the workout.  

HIIT 45 is a fast and furious class which mixes high intensity shadow boxing with strength and sweat moves on the floor. When the class starts and the music blares, Lucie starts to pump you up for the work ahead. A short mobility warm-up gets the heart going before you move straight into hard and fast drills.  

Motivating and hot as hell, her shouts of encouragement and occasional barking orders quickly get you in the zone. If you don’t do boxing regularly then you will be reminded how bloody tiring it is - so much so, that time on the floor is welcome relief. That is until you have to do a minute of burpees, followed by a minute of pike press-ups.  Don’t be surprised if you leave the class feeling starving, as Lucie will be firing up your metabolism for hours after - a perfect session for your lunch break.

Reduced bag-drop facilities are available but please travel light.

Event details.  

Where? Meet at the Courtyard, ground floor at Bermonds Locke.
When? Every Wednesday at 12:30pm - 1:15pm (weather dependent).
How much? £15 or FREE for Locke guests (booking reference required).
Note: We’ll be following social distancing guidelines during these classes, with a maximum capacity of 10 - so make sure you book in advance to guarantee your spot. Yoga mats are provided and will be cleaned after use, but bring your own if you can.  

Date: Time: Location:

Wednesday class

12:30pm - 1:15pm The Courtyard

Bermonds Locke

Tower BridgeLondon

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