Stretch & Mobility Workshop with Roger Frampton

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Stretch & Mobility Workshop with Roger Frampton

Date: Wednesday 12th October
Location: Co-working space at Bermonds Locke

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Workshops get your joints to move the way they're supposed to.

Flexibility is something that we often take for granted. It's only when we cannot do a certain movement or position without pain in our joints, does it become obvious how much of an impact this is having on our body. 

Delivered by renowned TED speaker, Movement Coach and best selling Author Roger Frampton. Our 90-minute workshops connects the key ideas and exercises from Frampton’s best-selling books, ‘The Flexible Body’ and ‘Stretch’, providing expert insight into our body’s natural mobility as well as offering a range of movement solutions that are learnt in the workshop and can be practiced at home.

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When? Wednesday 12th October, from 6pm onwards
Co-working, Bermonds Locke
How much?
£28 for Locke guests

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