Lockup Vintage x Whitworth Locke Clothes Swap

Whitworth LockeCivic QuarterManchester

Lockup Vintage x Whitworth Locke Clothes Swap

Date: Sunday 24th July
Location: Whitworth Locke

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Looking for an exciting and sustainable way to get new clothes? Our clothes swap event is the perfect way to shop eco-friendly whilst getting rid of your unwanted or unworn clothes.

Come along to this unique shopping experience, featuring a live DJ, drinks and many small businesses to hunt for amazing new garms. Grab a drink with friends after you've finished swapping and shop from our Lockup Vintage pop stand or enjoy the live DJ.

How it works:
- Bring 5 - 15 items of clothing
- Registration begins from 11 - 11:45am, then start swapping from 11:45am till 3pm.
- We strongly encourage you to pre book your free ticket as we will only have a very small number of tickets on the door if we do not sell out in advance.
- On the door tickets on the day of the event are £2 per person. - Please keep a record of your confirmation email for entry.
- You will have have a 45 minute arrival time slot to check in and grab a drink before the swap begins. Please be sure to arrive during this time slot for a quicker check in experience.
- You will receive a stamp for each item of clothing you bring. We grade items in two categories: High (designer, high end vintage) and Mid (high street, unbranded and everything else). Each 'high' item gets you two stamps and each 'Mid' item gets you one stamp. Use two stamps to redeem 'high' items or one stamp to redeem 'Mid' items.
- Browse all the rails and try on items whilst enjoying a live DJ, drinks and various stalls from small, sustainable businesses.
- Check out at the reception desk after you've finished swapping and have your stamp card updated.
- If you have spare stamps at the end you can bring them along to our next swap event.
- This event is in partnership with Locke Hotels and the local Manchester charity Mustard Tree.

Event info.

When? Sunday 24th of July, 11am-3pm
Whitworth Locke
How much?
Free for those that pre-book, £2 on the door

Whitworth Locke

Civic QuarterManchester

Central. Stylish. And unlike anywhere you’ve stayed before. Wake up in your own apartment in this stunning 19th Century cotton factory.

Whitworth Locke

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