Seedling Holistics Therapeutic Massage Day Takeover

Whitworth LockeCivic QuarterManchester

Seedling Holistics Therapeutic Massage Day Takeover

Date: Monday 15th August
Location: Storehouse, Whitworth Locke

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Relax, Modify, Alleviate, Diminish, Melt, Sink and Release with our range of therapeutic massages personalised to you.

Free offerings all day. Booking is essential. Please show up 15 minutes before your allotted time. Should you fail to show up 5 minutes before, we will offer the slot to someone else.

30min aromatherapy back massage - personalised with oils depending on how you’re feeling on the day. Soothing, relaxing massage techniques will be used to ease muscular tension, aches and pains. leaving you feeling renewed, calm and de-stressed.

30min aromatherapy shoulder, neck and scalp massage - great for releasing tension headaches, easing aches and pains and alleviating anxiety. 

30min reiki energy, chakra balance healing - a deeply relaxing, meditative energy healing treatment. To help clear blocked energy within the chakra energy points within the body. A gentle hands-on healing technique is used for this treatment alongside sound healing and essential oil inhalations. 

For any other enquiries, please email [email protected]

Event details.  

When? Monday 15th August, 10am - 6pm
Where? Whitworth Locke
How much? Free but registering is essential

Whitworth Locke

Civic QuarterManchester

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Whitworth Locke

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