Shake It Off - Pop Music Video Dance Class

Whitworth LockeCivic QuarterManchester

Shake It Off - Pop Music Video Dance Class

Date: Various Dates
Location: Storehouse, Whitworth Locke

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Join us this Autumn for our brand new monthly pop music video inspired dance class, Shake It Off.

October’s theme: Lizzo
November's theme: Megan Thee Stallion
December's theme: Festive Fabulous inspired by Mariah Carey

Dance classes can be so intimidating, right? They’re too fast and everyone is a Beyonce backup dancer on a day off, but not this class. In this class we will celebrate our uncoordinated attempts to learn the moves to ‘that’ routine you’ve always wanted to know and feel no shame doing our cheesy dance moves. The choreography will be taught in an easy-to-follow style that will celebrate what your body can do.

We’ll do a warm up, learn one routine inspired by music videos to a bunch of amazing songs - Chloe will probs throw in some awkward, funny-ish jokes along the way - and then you’ll leave feeling like you can take over the world.

Whether you did dance as a kid or you’ve avoided dance classes on account of being 300% clumsy (you’re not alone), this class is your safe space to learn routines inspired by your favourite music videos. Fun, a bit sweaty and a good time.

Comfy clothes to shake it out in and a water bottle recommended.

Event details.

When? Monday 17th October, Monday 14th November, Monday 5th December, 7-8:30pm
Where? Storehouse
How much? Free for Locke guests, £8 for externals

Whitworth Locke

Civic QuarterManchester

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Whitworth Locke

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