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Are Locke hotels dog friendly?

Locke welcomes guests and their furry friends for stays at all properties for an extra fee. And, we're happy to provide dog beds, bowls and treats (subject to availability), so that even your pet feels Locke is their home away from home. However, we do have some house rules, to keep you, your dog, and our other guests happy.

  • One dog per room
  • Dogs 20kg and under only
  • One charge per stay (cost of the additional clean for that size of apartment)
  • We ask all guests with pets to sign the Locke Pet Waiver form when checking in
  • Upon checking in you'll be given a 'Furry Friend' door hanger, please keep in hung outside your door for the duration of your stay
  • The General or Assistant Manager reserves the right to ask any guests with pets to leave if the pet is causing damage to the room or is causing a nuisance to other guests

We don't accept other types of pet as standard. But, if you're planning to stay with us a while, get in touch with your request, and we'll see what we can do.

Contact us to enquire and book a pet stay.

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