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What are the weekly and monthly apartment rates at WunderLocke?

The WunderLocke doors are now open for longer stays of over 3 nights. Our opening flat rates start at €490 weekly and €1500 monthly, including access to the co-working space, gym and pantry.

Interested? Check out our apartment rates below.

  • Micro Studio: Weekly €490
  • City Studio: Weekly €500, Monthly €1500
  • Locke Studio: Weekly €600, Monthly €1800
  • Locke Studio: Accessible: Weekly €600, Monthly €1800
  • Mezzanine Studio - Sofa Bed: Weekly €650, Monthly €2225
  • Mezzanine Studio - Two Bed: Weekly €650, Monthly €2225
  • Two Bedroom Suite: Weekly €890, Monthly €3000

No need for any codes - just select the weekly or monthly rate when booking a stay of 3 nights or more.

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