At Locke, we understand the importance of being a responsible business – so therefore we’re committed to ensuring best practice is followed when it comes to socially responsible business methods. We listen to our customers and staff when they tell us that they want to know more about our impact on the environment and what actions we are taking to reduce this. Locke continues to act on this and be conscientious in our approach to the environment. In doing this we continue to identify our own impact and set clear goals to ensure that we are minimising the environmental footprint. We regularly review our performance against our KPI’s to ensure targets are met and that we are responding to new developments in environmental technology, while facing the challenges of ongoing business demands.

It’s no secret that sustainable travel and tourism is a rapidly growing market. It’s something close to our hearts and, as a result, we want to be sure we are evolving with the times. As part of our ongoing efforts towards becoming greener, we’ve recently partnered with sustainable accreditors Green Tourism, who are monitoring our carbon footprint and giving advice on how we can be more eco-friendly across the whole business. Audits have been conducted at all Locke properties, which have indicated the areas we need to work on in order to become pioneers in eco-friendly hospitality. Once our program with Green Tourism is complete, we won’t settle for anything less than gold status.


Locke Social Responsibility Policy

It’s important for the fast-paced hotel, hospitality and tourism industry to take the lead in finding alternate ways of mitigating our environmental impact, and as a global provider of accommodation, we are continuously working to implement sustainable environmental practices in order to make a positive difference everywhere we operate. Outlined below are the realistic goals we are working towards over the next year, alongside their significant actions which have been established with support from Green Tourism.


Our guiding principles in setting this policy will be:

  • To understand the environmental issues associated with all our operations.
  • To take environment considerations into account in all major business decisions and incorporate environmental management into everyday business practice.
  • To measure current performance and set improvement targets across all properties, alongside Green Tourism.
  • To encourage our employees, partners, suppliers, contractors and neighbours to work in an environmentally responsible manner.


In practice this means that:

  • Locke’s Environmental Policy is communicated to our customers and staff via our website, social media, intranet and newsletters.
  • Environmental awareness and training is introduced to new staff as part of the staff training programme.
  • Locke will continue to assess all of our Locke owned and managed properties to get a clearer picture of our environmental impact.
  • At the end of each financial year, Locke reports on our progress to our customers and internal teams.

Key Environmental Issues:

The key pillars of Sustainability in which we are focusing the majority of our Social Responsibility initiatives on are minimising plastic, recycling, energy savings, staff ‘Green’ awareness and guests’ Green journey. Immediate actions we will be taking to implement these initiatives include:

  • Maintain a policy of seeking improved methods of reducing energy.
  • Seek to reduce, re-use or recycle waste wherever possible.
  • Continually review our purchasing policy to ensure goods and materials from sustainable sources are used wherever possible both within existing facilities and in all new development projects.
  • Remove single use plastic wherever possible.


Key Targets:

We want our Action Plan Proposal to be as transparent as possible, so you can be sure we are working continuously hard to reach a gold accreditation status across all of our property locations.

Minimising plastic

  • Conducting a single use plastic/packaging audit to determine how many items and products are in a typical apartment complex and set up plastic reduction target as a result.
  • 80% reduction in plastic use across the business by 2024.



  • Purchase and fit recycling bins into all of our new and existing apartments.
  • Purchasing team to run tender for a waste management company.
  • Set company-wide targets for recycling.
  • Set a target for sourcing 100% recycled paper across the business.
  • Set a target for dosing all toiletry and cleaning product equipment.
  • Digitise the in-room guest brochure in order to reduce paper use.


Energy savings

  • Use a Carbon calculator for each site to establish energy consumption and benchmark the findings for each against one another.
  • Development of a carbon management plan as part of a joint campaign with Green Tourism to achieve a significant carbon saving (kWh per square metre and carbon dioxide emissions per guest night) by 2023.
  • Set a target for 100% LED lights at all sites by end of 2020.
  • Look at guidance for most efficient settings if these options don’t already exist.
  • Set a target for 7lpm per shower (restrictors or aerator fittings etc.) to achieve the water efficiency of all shower heads.
  • Explore green electricity tariff by asking our existing gas and electricity suppliers about their green energy.
  • We’re currently in the process of purchasing the most efficient energy saving equipment.
  • Reduce our carbon emissions by 33% by 2022.


Staff ‘Green’ Awareness

  • Select one Green Champion per each of our locations to advocate our revised policy and facilitate quarterly Green Champion meetings as a result.
  • Organise Green Awareness Training sessions with a cohesive training plan being rolled out to all employees by the end of 2020.
  • Add information around our revised policy to our digital information panel which is displayed via the TV within each apartment.
  • Green project team to support relevant environmental projects.
  • Set up an internal competition which promotes best Green practices and encourages all employees to demonstrate these where possible.
  • Introduce a visitor payback initiative.
  • Focus our charitable fund raising on at least one environmentally specific charity which we have decided to be Friends of the Earth. After a year of fundraising, Locke will then match whatever we’ve raised as a business and donate the total to Friends of the Earth.
  • Promoting discussion around Locke’s sustainable practices using a dedicated CSR group within our internal communications platform.
  • Our in-house Aspire team will be planting trees in London to support the minimisation of our carbon footprint within the community.


Guests’ Green Journey

  • Communicate our partnership with Green Tourism across all our brand websites and social media platforms.
  • Share our Green story with guests on all our brand websites and social media platforms.
  • Create an operating manual for each apartment.
  • Share the Group environmental policy on all our brand websites.
  • Share Green Tourism branding across all our brand websites, social media platforms and signatures (including links to our CSR Statement and links to public transport providers).
  • Promote visitor travel carbon accounting and offset services via our brand websites and/or through the booking process.


What we have already achieved:

  • Updated our current Social Responsibility Statement and Policy and have shared the latest version across our platforms.
  • Removal of all plastic water bottles from our Welcome Packs.
  • Set up a partnership with Green Tourism and as part of this Green audits have been completed in 15 properties giving us workable recommendations.
  • In-room Ophelia Interactive systems have been updated with local green spaces and the Traveline website to allow guests to plan car free or minimal car use days out in the area during their stay.
  • We only order 100% recyclable paper.
  • Committed to only ordering LED lights.
  • Energy reviews conducted by our energy broker in four of our strategic locations, these are Whitworth Locke, Eden Locke, Leman Locke and SACO The Cannon in order to identify opportunities for improving energy efficiency.
  • ESOS compliance piece (to be submitted in Dec 2019) to be used for increasing sustainability levels.


Watch this space – we’ll update this list each time we implement any sustainable actions.


Updated 29th October 2019