Feier zur Eröffnung des WunderLocke-Hotels.


Feier zur Eröffnung des WunderLocke-Hotels.

Unser neues Aparthotel, das WunderLocke München, wurde eröffnet. Der wunderbaren Atmosphäre dieses schönen Ortes trug die Einweihungsfeier Rechnung.

The recent opening party was a celebratory night to remember. Reminisce the moments with us and take a look at the WunderLocke spaces that will leave you in awe and most importantly, have you find your “Innerer Klang”. 

The design of WunderLocke is inspired by the brilliant painter and art theorist Wassily Kandinsky, who explored how people can develop a closer relationship with nature through abstraction. He deeply believed that by connecting with ‘Innerer Klang’ (inner sound), the artist could reveal the true essence of the objects in front of him. This concept can be found throughout every detail of the WunderLocke design, with a special focus on the key spaces highlighted below.

The Ground Floor Bar.

The Ground Floor Bar is an immersive experience of atmosphere and energy. The captivating entertainment and collaborative design encourages connection with others. This bar is where you can feel the combination of community and arts come to life.

<p>Ground Floor Bar, WunderLocke, Munich.</p>

Ground Floor Bar, WunderLocke, Munich.

The Wellness Space.

The wellness space is designed to be healing medicine for the soul. This is where you want to come to in order to fully let go of the world around you and be in the present moment.

<p>The Wellness Space, WunderLocke, Munich.</p>

The Wellness Space, WunderLocke, Munich.

Mural Farmhouse.

Explore seasonal sensuality at Mural Farmhouse and let every food sensation transport you to a sweeter space of mind. 

<p>Mural Farmhouse Restaurant, WunderLocke, Munich.</p>

Mural Farmhouse Restaurant, WunderLocke, Munich.

7th Floor Cocktail Bar.

The 7th Floor Cocktail Bar is the perfect blend of hedonism, helping you find your ‘Innerer Klang’ through music and intimate aesthetics. This highly energetic space can be hired as a meeting space for the ultimate relationship facilitation.

<p>7th Floor Cocktail Bar, WunderLocke, Munich.</p>

7th Floor Cocktail Bar, WunderLocke, Munich.

Finding Our Innerer Klang, in action...

Thanks to our local partners.

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who joined us at our official opening party for WunderLocke in Sendling, Munich. 

The night was everything we could have asked for and more. The music, the crowd and the feeling of community. We can’t wait to welcome you back.


Our fashion partners of the night who stole the show during the intervals with their newest collection. 

Vogue Dancers

The incredible dancers led by Camila Mos brought the CoExist42 collection to life during a Vogueing fashion show. 

Bien Monk

Artist, Bien Monk did a live performance of his newest single ‘Blackman’.


Atari is a familiar face at WunderLocke and made sure everyone danced the night away.

The Makery

Our guests channelled their ‘Innerer Klang’ through the workshops hosted by The Makery. 

Public Possession

The wildly talented Public Possession closed the evening in our 7th Floor Cocktail Bar with a lively set creating an atmosphere for celebration.  

Learn more about WunderLocke in detail and come stay with us in Sendling, Munich:

Find Innerer Klang at WunderLocke.



Mit 360 geräumigen Apartments, einem Restaurant, Fitnessstudio, Pool, Sauna und Veranstaltungsräumen ist das WunderLocke München ein Reiseziel für sich.


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