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A third wave coffee lounge on Edinburgh's historic George Street. Eden Café is the type of place where you can lounge and read a book, work away on your laptop with a cup of artisan coffee, hold a meeting or share a drink with a loved one. Comfortable enough to spend the day, stylish enough to invite your friends, vibrant enough to not have to drink elsewhere and not pretentious enough to force you not to.



Approach to Coffee

Approaching coffee preparation and ingredients with the passion and attention to detail as a sommelier does wine, Edinburgh is provided with a coffee-anchored destination that values the social experience and its space design as much as it does the quality of our coffee, teas and juices.

Approach to Spirits, Beer & Wine

Edinburgh’s first Purist Bar.  Every spirit, craft beer and wine has been hand selected through an elaborate vetting process.  Unless a spirit can be served neat, it’s not on the menu.  Unless the craft beer is created with the same passion and precision to detail as winemaker does wine, it’s not on offer.  As for wines we've hand-picked a selection from different corners of the globe all worth sampling. 

From locally sourced artisan spirits and unique cocktails to a range of craft beers and wines, Eden Locke is a destination for Edinburgh’s discerned.

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If you feel like staying in...

From ordering a burger Buffalo Blue Cheese & Chicken burger from Foundry 39 to a Kimshi Beef Gua Bao Bun at Ninja Kitchen to a Rainbow Sushi Roll at Sushiya, Deliveroo works with a carefully curated selection of restaurants that will deliver to your suite. 

We understand that sometimes there’s nothing more appealing than a home-cooked meal.  If you feel like releasing your inner masterchef, head to one of the local grocers (5-minute walk) and make the most of your personal kitchen, without having to worry about cleaning up after yourself.