Stay your way | Dog friendly accommodation

Stay your way | Dog friendly accommodation

Bring your dog to any Locke. And make your apartment really feel like home.

Why should humans have all the fun?

Why should humans have all the fun?

We know that pets are what really make a home, a home. So, all Locke hotels are dog friendly. We welcome one (well-behaved) pooch in each of our spacious apartments. Just drop us a note before you stay.

There's a one-off fee for pet stays, which includes dog bowls, some lovely doggie treats, a dog towel, and an extra-thorough deep clean on check out. You're welcome to relax with your furry one in our co-working spaces too - but you'll need to check with our restaurants and bars if you'd like to bring them to dinner or drinks.

Perks for you and your furry friend.

Plenty of space to roam

One-off cleaning fee

Dog bowl & treats provided

Top-class company

Lots of fuss from our Hosts

Down to business.

We love four legged friends at Locke and welcome them across all properties. To ensure the smoothest of stays, there are a few considerations before letting them rule the roost.

The nitty-gritty.

  • One dog per room.
  • Dogs 20kg and under.
  • One cleaning charge per stay (cost of the additional clean for that size of apartment).
  • Dogs must have up-to date vaccinations, proof of which should be available on request.
  • All guests with pets must sign the Locke Pet Waiver form when checking in.
  • A Locke Furry Friend door hanger will be given to you on arrival and should be to hung on your door throughout your stay.
  • Dog beds, bowls or treats are available on request (but not guaranteed).
  • We reserve the right to ask any guests with pets to leave if the pet is causing damage to the room or is causing a nuisance to other guests.

One-off cleaning fee:

Room typeStudioOne Bedroom SuiteTwo Bedroom SuiteThree Bedroom Suite
1-6 nights£25£35£50£75
7+ nights£50£70£100£150

Bringing a dog? Let us know before you arrive.

Contact us.

Related FAQs.

Dogs are welcome to stay in any of our Locke aparthotels, subject to a one-off fee based on the length you're staying. We'll try our best to make your dog as comfortable and welcome as possible.

We're happy to provide dog beds, bowls and treats (subject to availability), so that even your pet feels Locke is their home away from home.

Here's a few other things you can do to make sure your dog has a comfortable stay: 

  • Let your dog expore their new home when they arrive, so they can get familiar with new scents and surroundings. 
  • Bring home comforts with you, like your dog's favourite toy or blanket.
  • Try to maintain a normal routine - just as it's healthy for you to keep up with diets and exercise routines while you're away, doing the same for your dog will keep them more relaxed. 
  • Lots of exercise - although spacious, your Locke apartment might be smaller than the space your dog is used to at home. So it's all the more important to make sure they can stretch their legs and let off steam at least once a day. 
  • Don't leave them alone - make sure your dog has company.
  • Keep an eye out for any unusual behaviours, like pacing or shaking, whining or barking, panting or cowering. These are a few of the common signs your dog is stressed.

For stays under 29 nights, we only allow dogs in our properties. It's not because we don't love cats too (we do!), but they come with extra difficulties. 

Cats like to 'mark their territory', often taking longer to settle into a new environment than dogs. Cat urine is one big problem, and this can be difficult to very rid of - so we can't afford to take the risk for shorter stays. We also want to make sure pets in our aparthotels are comfortable, and moving them around often can cause them distress.

However, if you're staying for a month or longer and making Locke your long-term home, we may be able to sort this for you. Please get in touch with our Bookings team if you'd like to enquire about a long-term cat stay. 

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