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What is Locke?

Some would describe it as a boutique hotel apartment. Others a design led aparthotel. Some a trendy co-working space integrated with a lifestyle hotel. The reality is that Leman Locke is an original take on what we love most about lifestyle hotels, serviced apartments and coworking space.

What is the raison d’etre?

London’s East End is the UK’s epicentre for the curious, the opinionated and the creative which is why it has attracted and/or birthed some of the Europe’s most imaginative and unique restaurants, hotels, bars, residence and coworking spaces.

Yet, a concept that integrates all of the above has yet to exist.

Imagine a place that aspires to incorporate:

  • The vibrance and design of The Hoxton & Ace Hotel vibrance & design
  • Wework, Central Working and Second Home’s communal dynamism
  • Prufrock’s artistic and scientific approach to coffee
  • Pidgin, St John and Andina’s attention to ingredients and food quality
  • Frame and/or 1Rebel’s commitment to health and wellness

We aren’t pretentious enough to think that we have nailed all of the above but it is our aspiration and passion to pursue this. Locke has been designed to evolve. We want our design, service, ethos, music, food / drink menu, event calendar, etc to evolve, based on the needs, contribution & feedback of our community. Locke is the community that lives within in it: urban explorers that want more but are willing to share their experiences with other likeminded locals and travellers to do so.

An aspirational second home designed for travellers for whom a bed and shower in a shoebox isn’t enough – who want a place of rest but also want the opportunity and convenience of mingling amongst likeminded locals. Indoor / outdoor (us Brits love the outdoors when the opportunity presents itself) public spaces created for locals to meet, play and work.

From delicious locally sourced food prepared by Master Chef finalists to artisan Black Sheep coffee to a weekly cultural programme of talks, yoga, meditation and tastings held in our event space on the 22nd floor, Locke has been created for those that have experienced it all and want to partake in an ecosystem that brings it all together.

Like all new ambitious undertakings, we will make mistakes. But we seek to learn from our mistakes, give our community members an opportunity to influence the experience so that we can continuously evolve over time to become a social anchor for the local neighbourhood.