An Evening Stretch

Zanzibar LockeHa'penny BridgeDublin

An Evening Stretch

Date: Every Thursday starting 26th May
Location: Locker gym, Zanzibar Locke

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Find space, relax and let go in this slow and steady evening yoga practice. Just the tonic to say good night to a hectic day and set you up for a peaceful sleep.

An evening practice is wonderful for calming the mind and preparing your body for deep rest. In this evening practice, you will focus on looking inward. Forward bends and hip openers help relax you and set the mood for sleep. This short practice can provide a really beautiful end to a busy day. Simply slow down and tune into your body and breath.

Event info.

When? Every Thursday starting 26th May
Where? Locker gym, Zanzibar Locke 
How much? Free

Zanzibar Locke

Ha'penny BridgeDublin

Outside: impressive Georgian frontage. Inside: apartments, work-spaces, a cocktail bar, restaurant, workout studio and much, much more.

Zanzibar Locke

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