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Do your properties have on-site parking?

Some Locke properties have limited on-site parking spaces available for an extra fee, subject to availability.

Properties with on-site parking:

  • Turing Locke, Eddington (£15 p/n)
  • Schwan Locke, Theresienwiese (25€ p/n)
  • WunderLocke, Sendling (€10 p/n)
  • Ember Locke, Kensington (£30 p/n)
  • Locke am Platz, Enge (CHF 40 p/n)
  • Locke de Santa Joana (35€ p/n)

Properties with no on-site parking:

  • Leman Locke, Aldgate 
  • Buckle Street Studios by Locke, Aldgate
  • Locke at Broken Wharf, Millennium Bridge
  • Bermonds Locke, Tower Bridge
  • Zanzibar Locke, Ha'penny Bridge 
  • Beckett Locke, North Docks
  • Whitworth Locke, Civic Quarter 
  • Eden Locke, George Street
  • Locke at East Side Gallery, Friedrichshain 

To book a space, connect to one of the team via live chat.

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