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What public transport options are available near Locke at Broken Wharf?

Wander along the Millenium Bridge to spend an afternoon at the Tate Modern, or jump on the Central Line for a day spent navigating the crowds of Oxford Street. 


Santander Cycles - simply download Santander Cycles app or go to any docking station terminal with your bank card and touch the screen to get started, then return it to any docking station. 


Mansion House (District Line) is only a short four minute walk from Broken Wharf, with St Paul's (Central Line) a five minute walk.


Information provided from St Pauls as this route to Broken Wharf is more commonly used. Walk to the Millenium Bridge at the Bridge then take the stairs down on the left hand side. Once at the bottom, turn left and follow the pathway for 100 metres to arrive at Locke at Broken Wharf.


Various bus routes are available from Queen Victoria Street.


Blackfriars Station and Cannon Street Station offer both national and city-wide connections.

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