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Where can I find the nearest amenities to Locke de Santa Joana?

Fancy a night in? Want to send a postcard? We've got you covered. Find below the closest amenities to Locke de Santa Joana 

Nearest Supermarket 

Minipreço, Av. Duque de Loulé 77, 1050-088 Lisbon, Portugal 

Nearest Gym 

Fitness Hut Marquês de Pombal, R. Alexandre Herculano 2, 1150-006 Lisbon, Portugal 

Nearest Post Office 

Loja CTT, Rua Alexandre Herculano, R. de Santa Marta 4, 1150-006 Lisbon, Portugal 

Nearest Pharmacy 

Farmácia do Marquês, R. Rodrigues Sampaio 174B, 1150-282 Lisbon, Portugal 

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