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When is the best time to look for student accommodation in Cambridge?

Student and shared accomodation in central Cambridge is in high demand, and so second and third year students will start searching for student accomodation for the following year from October. However, you will find accomodation available all year round, though your choices may be limited if leaving it too close to the start of the autumn term. 

A benefit of staying at Locke, is that long-term accomodation is available year round, and you won't be tied into a year-long contract. You won't need to book half a year in advance (unless you want to), and there's no strict dates for starting or ending your stay. This means you can stay for as short or as long as you need - whether that's a few months while you look for something more permenent, or a single term during exam season. We can be as flexible as you are. 

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