A new kind of hotel gym.

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A new kind of hotel gym.

The Leman Locke gym has been meticulously designed by fitness fanatics, bringing new energy and equipment to hotel gyms to help you shake off that hungover fog.

Do you picture Bill Murray on a cross-trainer, like in the film Lost in Translation, when you imagine a hotel gym? Well, that might be about to change. With everything from free weights to medicine balls, universal weight machines to TRX, at the Leman Locke gym you can exercise to your heart’s content. We’re hoping to redefine hotel gym standards.

The Old Gym Favourites.

There’s a reason why traditional bikes and running machines, free weights and pull-up bars have stood the test of time. So if you’re feeling like keeping it old school then we’ve got you covered - you can jump on and run (or ride) your way to fitness.

TRX Equipment.

Our TRX (Total Resistance Exercise) equipment is sure to freshen up your workout. The exercise possibilities are endless with this innovative piece of kit – it’s a new essential for building cardio fitness, strength training or working on your core.

Should I ride it? Hold it? Lift it? Hang from it? Lean into it or away from it?

The beauty of TRX equipment is that it can be easily used for all levels of fitness, whether you’re a beginner, advanced, or somewhere in-between. If you aren’t clued up already, TRX is a form of suspension training that uses resistance bands. They keep you in control of your exercise by utilizing your own body weight to provide resistance (i.e. bodyweight training). Shifts in body angle or stance can lessen or increase that resistance. TRX provides an effective way to integrate rotational movements into your training, with the ability to layer complexity to suit your goal.

We recommend checking out London’s TRX fanatic Niko Algieri, co-founder of Equilibrium, if you’re after some workout inspiration (or a good challenge).


If you’re after something more relaxing, the weekly yoga classes in the Leman Locke gym offers the opportunity to escape whilst connecting with the zen you – whether you’re a guest or a local.

In partnership with The Yoga Agency, the classes are designed to help you unplug from the daily grind, giving your mind and body some much needed alone time. If you can’t make our class times, you can still enjoy yoga at any hour with the yoga mats available in the gym  and your Locke apartment.

And for the icing on the cake: every Locke studio and suite comes with a complimentary line of bespoke Kinsey Apothecary body care products, so you’re guaranteed a post work-out pamper.  

Leman Locke


The Locke where it all began. Eat, sleep and live in the heart of East London, with your own apartment overlooking the city.

Leman Locke

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