Behind the design: Ember Locke.

Ember LockeKensington Kensington

Behind the design: Ember Locke.

With Ember Locke, our first Locke in West London about to open its doors this July we caught up with designers Pauline Dellemotte of Atelier Ochre and Dré Christodoulou of House of Dré to go behind the design.

A nod to the glamour of Kensington’s ‘golden age’ Ember Locke’s design references local icons such as the late Kensington Roof Gardens and free-thinking fashion brand Biba, a 1960’s phenomenon. An abundance of warmth, decadence and fun. 

Ember Locke marks the first collaboration between creative and interior design houses Atelier Ochre and House of Dré. Having worked together at a previous design practice, Dré and Pauline’s combined passions for design and art have led to not only exciting collaborations but more importantly a friendship that encourages creativity and the space to experiment.

Creative freedom.

For Pauline and Dré , Ember Locke was a very much a mutual vision and piece of work. A project that allowed them a lot of creative freedom ‘Locke trusted us young talents to make something special and encouraged us to be ambitious and bold.’ They enlisted friends and local craftsmen to help create bespoke pieces and murals. Every detail from the fringes and tassels on DJ booth to mosaic flooring and even the brush strokes on the walls in the public spaces. Their overall goal was to create a feeling and experience unique to Ember Locke. 

Innovative approaches.

A lot of Ember Locke’s quirks come from the original building itself. Large parts were retained and worked into the design story. Choosing to work with local craftsmen and makers. The carpets and bedheads use 100% recycled plastics meaning they can be recycled if disposed of. Re-using and re-working was a key aspect of this project. Like the building itself – vintage furniture, retained and re-framed architectural aspects and a curated collection of furnishings and accessories give the sense of a new lease of life.

Express yourself. 

Pauline and Dré’s design story reflects that of Kensington’s grandeur. A wholly immersive experience through retro ‘boudoir’ style apartments, designed to push the boundaries of exciting and playful yet comfortable, warm and inviting for the modern traveller. ‘Each room has its own vibe, but talks to each other, every surface was an opportunity to tell a story.’ Colour palettes include forest green, deep and tonal reds with pops of yellow and gold. Looking at the best parts of Kensington’s history and designing it for the modern Locke guest. Opulence at its finest yet accessible and welcoming. A real oasis from the hustle and bustle of Cromwell Road. 

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Ember Locke

Kensington Kensington

Be transported to a bygone time with distinctive and eclectic designs echoing Kensington’s ‘Golden Era’. Glamour inside and out.

Ember Locke

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