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Oliver Heath's Productivity Suite & Biophilic Wellbeing Hacks

Date: 16 Oct 2019

To bring to life the UK's first collection of living hotel suites, a partnership between The Joy of Plants and Leman Locke, three green-fingered experts were appointed to bring their own unique and creative flair to the rooms.

Room 1: The Productivity Suite, was crafted by Oliver Heath - an industry recognised expert in the field of biophilic, sustainable interior design.

Read on to find out what you can expect from a stay in this suite, and get some top tips for how plants can be utilised to improve wellbeing in your own home. 


Perfect for nomadic workers and business travellers looking to re-energize, this suite is adorned with Boston ferns, peace lilies and snake plants – plants renowned for their productivity and creativity-inducing properties. The lavender-scent in the bedroom area is selected to promote sleep, and a planted screen ensures seperation between living spaces for work, and the calmer sleeping area for rest. Guests will also be invited to enjoy a binaural beats audio experience; the latest audio ‘soundwave therapy’ designed to sharpen focus and stimulate creativity. The standard hotel mini bar is transformed into a plant-based fuel station, offering plant based ‘power snacks’ and a CBD oil shot.

Gear up for the day

Enhance the lush plant immersion with a Binaural Beats audio experience to encourage optimum sleep and make for an energised morning. You'll find PM & AM Spotify playlists on the in-room Smart TV that you can play out-loud, or enjoy using the wireless headphones supplied. 

Plant power-pack

In the kitchen, you'll find a special edition of the Locke welcome pack - with plant-based energy boosting snacks and a CBD oil shot for that extra boost in your morning tea/coffee. 



Surround yourself with plants 

A study by The Global Impact of Biophilic design showed that people in workplaces filled with natural features reported 15% higher overall wellbeing.

Draw the curtains and open the windows 

'Non Rhythmic Sensory Stimuli', unpredictable natural motions such as leaves in a breeze, help eyes to adjust and re-focus. This means you'll experience less fatigue, headaches and eye strain. 

Use scent to stimulate memory and prompt a feeling of wellbeing 

Flowers like lavendar and jasmine have the ability to lower anxiety, and scent is found to enhance mood by as much as 40%. 

Add images of nature or natural colours to your walls 

The Ecological Valence Theory explains why we respond positively to natural colours; yellow encourages feelings of warmth and happiness. 

Introduce nature sound scaping 

Ever wondered why listening to sounds of rain helps you sleep?  Natural sounds are found to positively stimulate the nervous system and reduce stress. 



Oliver has presented several TV shows for channels including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Discovery Channel, most recently for the BBC’s DIY SOS where his show was BAFTA nominated. He is a trusted voice of authority in interior design having written 3 books – his last urban Eco Chic (Quadrille) selling over 30,000 copies in 8 languages.

Website oliverheath.com | Instagram @oliverheathdesign | Twitter @Oliver_Heath | Facebook @OliverHeathDesignltd


Rooms are bookable for stays until 10 November 2019. To book your stay, email thejoyofplants@lockeliving.com. All reservations made directly via the email will automatically receive a 15% discount on our standard flexible rates.