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Date: 11 Jul 2016

In collaboration with New York design firm Grzywinski + Pons, our hotel interiors are intended to bridge the gap between home and hotel stay.

Leman Locke, the original Locke hotel that opened in October 2016, uses a palette of muted and pastel colours for each its 168 rooms. Located near some of London’s most vibrant and trendy areas of Shoreditch, Hoxton and Hackney.


This forward thinking hospitality concept is bridging the gap between home and hotel stay by blending the very best elements of lifestyle hotels with serviced apartments.


London’s East End is the UK’s epicentre for the curious, the opinionated and the creative which is why it has attracted and birthed some of the World’s most imaginative and unique restaurants, hotels, bars, residence and co-working spaces.

Using this forward thinking ethos – the way we look, eat, drink, play and work is made in contribution & feedback of our community. Connecting explorers that want more but are willing to share their experiences with other likeminded locals and travellers to do so.

An aspirational second home designed for travellers for whom a bed and shower in a shoebox isn’t enough – who want a place of rest but also want the opportunity and convenience of mingling amongst likeminded locals.

From delicious locally sourced food prepared by Head Chef George Tannock to speciality coffee made by Original Coffee Master Winner 2017 James Wise, to curated events in collaboration with the new and next in music, fashion and the arts; Locke has been created for those that have experienced it all and want to partake in an ecosystem that brings it all together.