M.C.Overalls x Buckle Street Studios by Locke.

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M.C.Overalls x Buckle Street Studios by Locke.

M.C.Overalls is a British workwear brand created in 1908, with a local store based in Soho, London. We met with Managing Director Tim Roter, to learn more about the brand and becoming the official style and fashion partner for the team at Buckle Street Studios by Locke.

Buckle Street Studios by Locke is one of the latest additions to the Locke family. With a neutral colour palette, bold furniture and a dreamy exterior, it was only natural to want to find the perfect style partner for the property. 

Enter British workwear brand M.C.Overalls. Designed to be comfortable, stylish and versatile in addition to gender neutral, it automatically felt like the right fit for the Buckle Street Studios team. 

We recently met with Managing Director Tim Roter to learn more about the history of the brand, how they were introduced to Locke and to understand more about the concept and meaning behind their designs. 

How did M.C.Overalls come to life as a brand?

M.C.Overalls is a British workwear brand that was originally started by my great grandfather Morris Cooper in East London 1908. Today, M.C.Overalls is at the forefront of gender neutral contemporary workwear. Whilst staying true to our roots of endeavour, perseverance and making durable and versatile products, the brand has become the choice of today’s self starters, grafters and creatives. 


Who is Morris Cooper and how has he been involved in the story of M.C.Overalls?

Morris Cooper was a self-taught tailor from Lithuania, established a small workshop on Middlesex Street in London under the name M.Cooper.Overalls Ltd. The product focused on workwear and artisan clothing - making denim trousers, work jackets and various types of overalls, ranging from a butchers’ apron to a carpenter's bib n brace. The M.C.Overalls name and trademark remained in the family and was reborn in 2016 with the help of a brand investment group specialising in fashion and retail. 


Tell us more about your collaboration with Buckle Street Studios by Locke.

Like Buckle Street Studios, and Locke more generally, M.C.Overalls is 'made to be lived in’. As a London based brand it is important for us to engage with our local community, whether that be in our Soho home or in East London where MCO was originally established. Our clothing is designed to be comfortable, yet durable and versatile, and therefore is synonymous with the Locke ethos. Equally, inclusivity is central to our brand’s DNA, and so teaming up with Buckle Street Studios is a great collaboration to help tell this story. 

As a brand we wanted to celebrate and partner with Buckle Street Studios to enable this shared messaging but also to inspire and encourage people through the successes and passions of the Buckle Street Studio team. As a gender neutral concept, our product can be personalised to suit any individual, providing an informal and natural consistency across the team at Buckle Street Studios. 

What inspires the brand? What are your core values and beliefs?

We have 4 key pillars that we care very strongly about:

  • We Work Hard 
  • Gender Neutral 
  • Your Blank Canvas 
  • Beauty in the Everyday

Fundamentally, however, we aspire to nurture creativity by bringing our workwear values to the modern day and to foster a community of those who have a passion for their craft.  


How has London inspired the brand? How do you connect to the community? 

London is our home; we like to stand-with businesses that have grafted their way to get to where they are. This ranges from creatives, such as artists & musicians, to barista’s, restaurants, florists & hairdressers, as well as London institutions, like The Tate and Somerset House - and now Buckle Street Studios. We hope to encourage others to follow their dreams and keep people motivated through these passionate success stories.


How do you see the brand evolving in the next 5 years?

At MCO, we are always ambitious. We plan to grow our collaborations, open more locations, and geographically expand our brand footprint both with bricks and clicks. We work hard. 

Check out M.C.Overalls on Instagram to find out more.

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