Sounds of ANIMA.

Locke at East Side GalleryFriedrichshain Berlin

Sounds of ANIMA.

Get to know Thibaut Machet and Robin Ordell, the duo behind ANIMA, as they talk us through what to expect from their Audiophile Bar and Restaurant opening this summer at Locke at East Side Gallery.

As we prepare to open in Berlin this summer, we’re ready to introduce you to some of the exciting partnerships we’ve been working on. We spent the afternoon with Thibaut Machet, one-half of Berlin’s latest eating, drinking and listening bar concept ANIMA.

We discuss ANIMA’s first venture into hospitality with Locke, how the collaboration came about and why the project is so unique. We also spent some time exploring the local area to get a taste of the sound of ANIMA and what’s to come…

How did the collaboration with Locke come around?

We had been working on an "Audiophile Bar / Restaurant" concept before the pandemic started. It was only when one of our partners in London heard about the idea that things came together with Locke. He was already working with them on some projects and told us they were looking for new operators for Berlin.

He felt the idea would be a great fit for Locke. Especially since this kind of concept has not really been done in Berlin yet.

What brought both of you together to work on this project?

Robin and I have been friends for a long time. We were always bound by music having met through our DJ careers, we got to explore a bunch of places together often playing on the same line ups. This is how our friendship was born.

While living in London a few years ago, we often used to hang out in listening bars (Brilliant Corners, Spiritland…) and were always drawn to the concept. We started looking for these kinds of spots while travelling in NYC, Paris etc. and realised that listening bars were becoming more and more popular.

Combining food, drinks and music was something we were both excited in doing. So it was organic to start working together on developing this concept for Berlin too.

Where did the initial idea for Anima come from and how has that developed over time?

We have been seeing the rise of listening bars for some years now and as mentioned above, it's always been a concept we found interesting. A friend of ours opened the first listening bar in France, called "Café Mancuso" in Bordeaux and that definitely had an influence on us too. I'd say that's how the seed was planted.

It was then a matter of putting the right team together and injecting as much passion as possible in the project.

What type of atmosphere/vibe are you hoping to create and how do you want people to feel in the space?

Anima is for everybody. It is a place where you'll be able to meet friends for coffee,  wine, or cocktails and some food — all of that within the sound experience. You'll be able to listen to a wide range of music on our customized Hi-Fi sound system built by our friend "H.A.N.D.hifi", based in Berlin. (Our mixer was also built here in Berlin by a company called "Resor"; it was important for us to work with locals for this process).

We are curating the music at Anima 24/7; and are about to open a digital radio, Anima Radio. For this project we are collaborating with FluxFm, one of the most known FM radios here in Berlin. You'll be able to listen to music 24h a day with different moods depending on the hour you're tuning in.

And on weekends, we will always have "Listening Sessions", curated by DJs. To be enjoyed while having dinner and drinks. 

3 words that sum up Anima?

Eat, Drink & Listen!

Until Anima opens…what’s some other cultural, music, food spots that are worth visiting in Berlin?

Let's go through the day together as locals then...Wake up and start your day at "La Maison" for coffee and pastry. For a nice brunch, try Annelies or Sorrel; very cool places.

Then you should visit our friend's record store "Sound Metaphors" they are the ones that built the speakers. They have a nice variety of old and new music, highly recommended.  

Later on, you could grab a glass of wine at "Mosto", "The Rad", "Sway" or "Jaja". Some of them serve food as well.
And on Sundays, we recommend you come down to "Plantasia Sessions", which is the sister of Anima. This is an event we created at the end of the pandemic when you weren't allowed to stand up in clubs.

Plantasia starts in the early afternoon on the terrace of "Fluxbau" by the Spree. With one of the best views and sunset you can get in the area. All of that surrounded by a lot of plants, sitting on carpets, listening to a very good sound system and the nicest selectors. Here you can feel the Anima vibe before it opens.

Get a taste of what’s to come with a musical journey through the day with Anima at Locke at East Side Gallery.

ANIMA will be opening at Locke at East Side Gallery, Friedrichshain in August.  Want to stay tuned for updates on the opening? Become Locke Community member to get the latest updates and new opening offers.

Locke at East Side Gallery

Friedrichshain Berlin

It's got epic views across the River Spree. A second-to-none location. And the industrial interiors bring the contrasts of Berlin to life with style.

Locke at East Side Gallery

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