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How do I get to Schwan Locke?

Schwan Locke is close to the city centre, and just minutes from Theresienwiese, the site of Oktoberfest.

How to reach from central station: There are few ways - you can take a metro U5 ( direction Laimer Platz) or U4 (Theresienwiese/Westendtrasse) and take an exit at Theresienwiese. Or you can take a walk diretly from central station which is approximately 10 mins.

How to reach from the airport: The easiest and cheapest way is to take S8 (Herrsching-Ostbahnhof) or S1 (Munchen Hbf) train. If you take S8 you will have to change a line in Munchen Ostbhnhof and take metro line U5 (Laimer Platz) or if you take S1 you will have to change to metro at central train station (U4 or U5). Another option is to take a Lufthansa express bus and take a metro or walk from Central train station. Please keep in mind that due to some rail works on S8 and S1 lines traveling time might be longer and the fastest way to get to hotel might vary so always check the alternatives on MVG app (the official app of public transport in Munich) or maps. Approximate time of travel from the airport: 40min-1h. Taxi is also possible (average cost is 100€).

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