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What is the Berlin Occupancy Tax and how much is it?

For stays in Berlin, a City or "Occupancy Tax" of 5% of the total price of the apartment (excluding extras and add-ons) applies, up to a maximum of 21 nights, and will be charged to the supplied payment card on arrival. If an apartment is reserved, but the stay is cancelled before arrival, City Tax is not charged.

*Please note:

The Berlin Senate will apply the city tax for business travelers starting April 1, 2024. The tax will be applicable for reservations made after this date and the exemption will no longer be valid.

For business stays, the tax is waived, provided you or the guest provides proof of the business purpose by the time of departure. No proof is needed if the bill is addressed to the employer or directly paid by them.

Written confirmation from the employer or guest, including details like name, address, and duration of stay, serves as proof. Self-employed individuals can provide comparable proof, such as a written statement with an income tax identification number. Providing proof is voluntary - if not given, guests can pay the tax and apply for reimbursement from the tax office with proof of the business-related stay.

If there is more than one guest sharing an apartment, each guest must provide proof.

For more info on the Occupancy Tax, head to


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