Learning self-love with Kayla Nolan

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Learning self-love with Kayla Nolan

This Valentine’s Day at Locke we’re embracing self-love with tips from Dublin based creator Kayla Nolan.

We caught up with Kayla Nolan – a Zanzibar regular on her journey to learn and practice self-love and body confidence.

<p>Kayla Nolan, Zanzibar Locke.</p>

Kayla Nolan, Zanzibar Locke.

How did your personal journey around self-love and body confidence begin?  

Kayla: My journey around self-love & body confidence started when I was 18 and had left an unhealthy relationship. Thankfully, I was self-aware enough at the time to understand I had to step up and break the cycle for my future self. Growing up I had a negative relationship with self-image. Through a lot of work and understanding relationship I realise that my healing process helped me understand who I am, what I deserve and to never settle for that energy ever again. 

How has your understanding of self-love changed over time?

Kayla: My beliefs and understanding around self-love have shifted over the years since I started my journey. I’ve come to learn that the act of loving yourself is much deeper than that. It’s being brave enough to look at the most vulnerable parts of yourself and to still choose you. Self-love, at its foundation, is accepting who you are and understanding that despite it all; you still deserve to have everything you desire. 

<p>Kayla Nolan, Zanzibar Locke.</p>

Kayla Nolan, Zanzibar Locke.

How did you become involved with Locke and what is it about Locke that you resonate with?  

Kayla: I became involved with Locke a year or two ago from a friend’s recommendation to stay (and I’ve probably stayed a million times since then). My first stay was a ‘Self-care getaway’. At Locke I feel the freedom to be myself and the vibe and aesthetic always calms my soul. It’s my place to slow down, mind myself and get away from all the madness life can bring.

With your following growing what do you want to communicate and achieve as your journey continues?

 Kayla: As my journey continues, I would love for my followers to see how achievable self-love is. More importantly, how worthy we all are of that love. Any sort of fulfilment will always lack, if the “self” is missing in it. I want my story to reflect how acceptable it is to be your whole self. The world would be a much better place if we all had a little more love and kindness towards ourselves. I’m always here to remind people to do just that.

What I'm...

Reading: The School on Life: On Self-Hatred

Listening to: Heal Me by Grace Carter

Watching: Grace and Frankie, Netflix

Doing: Being more spontaneous 

Eating: Foods out of my comfort zone

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